GEW (EC) Limited

LED-UV Curing Systems

GEW (EC) Limited

GEW LeoLED-UV Curing System

Introducing the Next Generation for LED-UV Curing

GEW’s LeoLED technology has been redesigned and refined for simplicity and offers excellent value, while at the same time delivering maximum power and dose of UV energy. There has never been a better time for printers to refresh their offset press with an LED-UV curing system.

GEW’s LeoLED lamphead is the most effective LED-UV solution on the market:

  • Achieves the highest UV intensity to support the fastest printing speeds
  • Compact design fits virtually all press types
  • Direct UV path means no UV is lost in reflection
  • Movable between print units
  • Uniform UV output across the curing area
  • Long-term consistent output over the full life cycle of the LEDs
  • Modular Lamp Array (MLA) gives customizable mounting options
  • Available as a retrofit on all types of offset printing presses

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