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Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive maintenance has proven to increase production, decrease down time, reduce repair costs, improve the quality of finished product and prolong the life expectancy of wearable items.

Many of the program items listed, if left unattended, usually produce undesirable results at the most inopportune time. During each visit, a general inspection of all parts related to each listed part will also be performed.

Feeder Section

  • Feeder drive chains.
  • Rotary valve timing and function.
  • Drive wheel tension, timing, and function.
  • Side guide timings and function.
  • Feed table belt tension and function.
  • Feeder pile platform motor brake gap and function.
  • Rietschle / Becker pump vane dimensions.

Register Section

  • Swing gripper settings and function.
  • Clean and set 1st transfer cylinder grippers.
  • Sheet pass linkage settings and function.
  • Sheet pass cam and cam follower.
  • Proximity cam timings.
  • Frontlay cams and cam followers.
  • Frontlay timings and function.

Printing Unit Section

  • Inspect each gripper shaft cam follower and replace where necessary. **NUTR204 cam followers would be replaced for a cost of $99.00 per piece.
  • Inspect dampener gears.
  • Oscillating rollers, cam followers and races.

Coater Section

  • Applicator roller linkage and function.
  • Air piston integrity and function.
  • Delivery section
  • Delivery chain tension.
  • Chain gripper settings and function.
  • Inspect each chain gripper cam follower and replace where necessary. **Cam follower per piece price dependent upon Mitsubishi or RYOBI MHI press model.
  • Delivery chain automatic oiler settings and function.
  • Platform pile motor brake gap and function.
  • Inspect Rietschle / Becker pump vanes if applicable.

Overall Condition

Six hours of time would be allotted per visit to diagnose mechanical issues reported that are not listed under each section.

Program Cost

RM Machinery Inc. Mechanical Field Supervisor at customer site four (4) consecutive days during each of four (4) scheduled quarterly visits per year performing service on all sections: Annual cost per machine: $38,000 expenses included.

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