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Digital Register Analysis

Digital Register Analysis

RMGT's exclusive press performance measurement and analysis system, DRA is the only system that can identify the cause and location of complex mechanical problems in any size or make of press and recommend appropriate solutions. It absolutely determines whether a problem is mechanical or lithographic in nature.

A specially designed test sheet contains computer-recognizable patches. DRA measures unit-to-unit, sheet-to-sheet movement on the gear side, operator side, lead edge, tail and infeed (in both horizontal and vertical directions). The quantitative evaluation is expressed in microns.

DRA replaces subjective judgments about whether a press is "good enough" with documented proof of performance.

  • It analyzes a precise measuring scale produced on 30 to 50 consecutive test sheets, statistically determining standard deviation and indicating the adjustments necessary to correct problems.
  • Confirms manufacturing precision, controls print quality and enhances long-term productivity and profitability of printing equipment.
  • Uses device-independent software and a high-resolution, large-format laser scanner that can accommodate sheet sizes up to 64 inches.
  • Analyzes nearly 300,000 pieces of data from the entire DRA test sheet.
  • Provides statistical analysis and quality control data required for ISO 9000 and ISO 9002 certification.
  • Winner of the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation's 2000 InterTech Technology Award.

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