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RMGT 920


High-performance 9-Series printing presses feature superior cost savings

Reliability, versatility and superior cost performance add up to top performing machines in RMGT’s 9-Series of offset printing presses. These popular presses stand unrivaled in their appeal to printers who require versatility and excellent print quality.

The RMGT 940 and 920 models were designed for speed and accuracy. Unsurpassed print quality comes with lower operating costs, thanks to shorter makeready times, efficient automated plate-changing, and colors that come out exactly right from start to finish of every print run. The presses’ small footprints and extraordinary energy efficiency give them a market edge for printers in the know.

The RMGT 9-Series provides full-color, 8-up printing (for the cost of 6-up) which reduces press time, makes for cost-effective paper usage, and lowers wear-and-tear on printing plates. Color control stays accurate and efficient with the added-value of the LED-UV instant curing technology that is not only environmentally friendly but also allows curing on all substrates, improving work efficiency, reducing power consumption and eliminating warping of film and other heat-sensitive media. Reliability, unsurpassed print quality, and speeds up to 16,200 sheets per hour make the RMGT 9-Series a smart choice for printers who want the edge over their competition.

  • Stock thickness range of 0.0016” to 0.024”
  • Speed up to 16,200 sheets per hour
  • Maximum printing area of 24.21” x 36.61”
  • Value-added LED-UV curing unit


Maximum Printing Speed15,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size25.20" x 37.01" (640 mm x 940 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size11.42" x 16.14" (290 mm x 410 mm)
Maximum Image Area24.21" x 36.61" (615 mm x 930 mm)
Sheet Thickness Range0.0016" - 0.024"(0.04 mm - 0.6 mm)

Maximum Printing Speed16,200 sheets per hour13,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size25.20" x 36.22" (640 mm x 920 mm)Straight printing: 25.20" x 36.22" (640 mm x 920 mm)
Perfecting: 25.00" x 36.22" (635 mm x 920 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size11.42" x 16.14" (290 mm x 410 mm)Straight printing: 11.42" x 16.14" (290 mm x 410 mm)
Perfecting: 14.57" x 16.14" (370 mm x 410 mm)
Maximum Image Area24.21" x 35.43" (615 mm x 900 mm)
Sheet Thickness Range0.0016" - 0.024" (0.04 mm - 0.6 mm)0.0016" - 0.016" (0.04 mm - 0.4 mm)

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