RMGT 760

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RMGT 760


Powerful 7-Series printing presses offer wide range of unit arrangements

The high productivity and profitability of the RMGT 7-Series of offset printing presses meet customers’ specific needs for printing and packaging environments. A wide range of unit configurations allows for compatible usage in print shops of many sizes.

The RMGT 790 and 760 models meet the needs of printing professionals who want superb quality in compact presses that offer the most sought-after functions available. Impressive cost-performance takes center stage in these robust presses for multi-variety, small-run printing. New business opportunities come the way of printing professionals who opt for these presses’ many outstanding features.

The RMGT 7-Series of commercial presses features double-diameter cylinder configuration, advanced automatic systems and other functions usually found in higher-end systems. Various automatic systems enable efficient plate changing, paper-size presetting, and cleaning, resulting in fast turnaround. RYOBI Program Inking speeds up color tone adjustment while producing clear and accurate coloration, and since the printing control system is built right into the press, it takes up less floor space. High-quality and high-speed printing is assured by digitally controlled management systems with reliable mechanisms and advanced automation devices utilizing cutting-edge technology.

  • Stock thickness range of 0.0016" x 0.024" (615 mm x 920 mm)
  • Speed up to 15,000 sheets per hour
  • Maximum printing area of 21.46" x 30.12" (545 mm x 765 mm)

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