Canada’s Only Waterless Printer Turns to RM Machinery to Improve Production Flow; Automated Folder Eliminates Bottlenecks in Business

Folding production time reduced by 50 percent with Horizon automated folder.

RM Machinery announces the sale of the AFC-566-FG automated folder by Horizon International Inc. to Warren’s Waterless Printing, Canada’s first and only waterless printing company. The installation was completed in January 2021 and the equipment has already proved to reduce the gridlocks in production that its buyer hoped to accomplish.

After extensive evaluation of several folders, the AFC-566-FG was the machine of choice for Glen Warren, owner of Warren’s Waterless Printing, who paid close attention to his plant’s production and looked for areas where he could improve. “Makeready time on our other folders proved to be an area that needed attention,” said Warren. “With the AFC-566-FG, the preparation time has been significantly reduced and we have been able to minimize congestion among our print jobs.”

Attention to detail and commitment to excellence have long been the principles of Warren’s Waterless Printing which will celebrate its fiftieth birthday next year. Originally a prepress house founded in 1972, the company transitioned to a full-service printer in 1995 and has been waterless since its inception. The company operates two 40-inch offset presses manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. using soy-based ink. The ink is VOC-free and is compatible with either coated or uncoated stock. Since waterless printing does not require a dampener, there isn’t any need for dampening solutions hence reducing the need for excessive water. Ink recycling and specific methods of cleaning the presses’ blankets also contribute to the company’s environmentally-friendly structure allowing Warren’s Waterless Printing to save an estimated 200,000 liters of water per year. The company’s equipment portfolio also includes a number of digital presses to accommodate its variable data projects.

Like many printers in North America, Warren’s Waterless Printing saw an increase in the need for direct mail in 2020. Since this part of the business often calls for sophisticated folding techniques, the AFC-566-FG automated folder was the perfect finishing solution for both offset and digital output. The equipment features six plates allowing for 17 different folding patterns with the ability to accommodate a sheet size as large as 21.97 inches wide and 33.46 inches long. The patterns and dimensions are easily programmed on a touchscreen monitor and once in motion, the machine can reach a speed of up to 42,000 sheets per hour. Two hundred jobs may be stored in the system and a wireless remote controller is available for operating the machine at a distance.

In addition to direct mail projects, the new folder will be used for many of the company’s other applications including, but not limited to, newsletters, brochures and maps. Given the quick and effortless installation process accompanied with exceptional hands-on training, Warren looks forward to turning to RM Machinery again for future solutions.

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