RM Machinery Celebrates 10 Years of Serving the Commercial and Packaging Printing Industries with Customized Equipment Solutions

RM Machinery Inc. (RMM) commemorates ten transformative years in the commercial and packaging printing industry, renowned for providing specialized equipment solutions and class-leading service and support. Throughout its journey, RMM has emerged as a key ally for printers throughout the United States and Canada.

This anniversary is especially significant as RMGT has recently appointed RMM as the master distributor for the 10-Series line of offset presses in the United States, a move that highlights RMM's dedication to advancing the industry through innovative technology and comprehensive support for RMGT and legacy Mitsubishi press users.

At the core of RM Machinery Inc. (RMM) lies a heritage that traces back to the esteemed Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses (MLP), a name synonymous with innovation and endurance in the printing press industry. The evolution from MLP to Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. (RMGT) was marked by significant advancements and strategic growth, a journey that RMM has been an integral part of. As RMGT emerged from the foundations laid by MLP, RMM was established, inheriting a rich DNA that blends the robustness of Mitsubishi's engineering with RMGT’s dynamic technological progression.

For the past ten years, RMM has not only embraced this legacy but has also been instrumental in shaping it. The company has adeptly adapted its product lineup to meet the contemporary demands of the industry, expanding its reach among printing professionals while steadfastly maintaining its promise to deliver sustainable solutions and superior service. It's this unique lineage that has empowered RMM to deliver the caliber of equipment and support that sets them apart in the North American market.

Rahul Kaushik, CEO and cofounder, recognizes the company's progress as a reflection of its team's expertise and collaborative spirit. "We take pride in our origins with Mitsubishi's advanced technology," Kaushik remarks. "It's our ongoing endeavor to enhance this legacy through state-of-the-art RMGT presses coupled with a level of service that our clients trust. Each member of our team is a crucial contributor to our collective mission of equipping our customers for success."

Kaushik's leadership has cultivated an environment where respect and equality are paramount, resulting in high employee retention and a workforce deeply committed to the company’s goals.

As RMM looks to the future, it remains keenly responsive to the evolving needs of the packaging sector and high-volume commercial printing. The growing demand for the RMGT 1060-Series is a testament to the company's ability to meet industry needs for quality, flexibility, and reliability.

RMM's commitment to its clients extends through strategic relationships with top-tier suppliers including Böttcher Systems print consumables, Sanwa die cutters, and Standard Horizon commercial finishing systems (in Canada). These partnerships enable RMM to deliver turnkey production solutions maximizing uptime for its customers.

The company's RM Advantage+ program exemplifies its dedication to customer success, offering tailored preventive maintenance programs and ongoing support from a team of strategically located expert technicians across the United States and Canada.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, RM Machinery looks forward to driving growth, innovation, and deepening its partnerships with print professionals across North America.

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