Folding Carton Manufacturer Turns to RM Machinery for Its Fifth RMGT Press

Colbert Packaging in Kenosha, Wisc.
Colbert Packaging in Kenosha, Wisc.

RM Machinery announces the scheduled installation of the RMGT 1060 TP LX 10-CC-LD+UV press to Colbert Packaging Corporation, Kenosha, Wisconsin. The press will be the fifth RMGT sheetfed offset press purchased by the folding carton company. The installation is anticipated for spring 2025.

Colbert Packaging chose to invest in the RMGT 1060 TP LX 10-CC-LD+UV to meet the increasing demands of its folding carton customers who are continually requesting more elegance in packaging. “Our customers are always looking for new ways to entice consumers with appealing packages,” said President John Lackner, Colbert Packaging. “The ability to produce high-end products in a single pass on the 1060 will allow us to generate quality cartons more efficiently.”

The RMGT 1060 TP LX 10-CC-LD+UV is a single-pass press that uses a three-cylinder transfer system that maintains a single gripper throughout the printing process to pass backside printed sheets to the front side without tumbling the sheets. The press prints eight colors on the top sheet and two on the bottom, an upgrade from 7/1 models. Additionally, the press is equipped with a closed loop color control system, a single gripper, two large touch screens located at either end of the press, a highly efficient UV curing system manufactured by Eltosch Grafix, and a cold foil enhancement feature, which can capture hairline registration on critical copy. “Currently we may have to run a job in two or three passes in order to achieve such complexity,” said Lackner. “But with the new RMGT 1060, we’ll be able to accomplish this in one single pass. We also won’t need to invest in hot stamping equipment because the cold foil enhancement feature offers finer precision for the text, even on the inside of the carton.”

Colbert Packaging estimates that it will eliminate an estimated 500,000 impressions per month with the new press. “This is truly a one-pass press,” said Marketing Manager Wanda Speer of Colbert Packaging. “It will allow us to take on more volume and improve our capacity with more in-line capabilities, thereby improving our turnaround times.”

Pressroom Supervisor Cory Holland, who has been with Colbert Packaging since 2016, is amazed at the quality of service the company receives from RM Machinery. Unlike many of its competitors, RM keeps a fully stocked warehouse of parts to prevent packaging printers from experiencing too much downtime. “The accessibility to maintenance and the availability of parts is what keeps us coming back to RM Machinery,” said Holland.

Founded in 1959, Colbert Packaging is a privately owned, female-owned company that primarily serves the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods markets with custom folding cartons and pressure sensitive labels. In its efforts to give back to the community and prepare the next generation of folding carton manufacturers, Colbert Packaging works closely with a local youth apprentice program to offer internships at its Kenosha, Wisconsin, facility.

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