RM Machinery Strengthens Commitment to Print Industry with the Addition of Four New Strategic Hires

L to R: Mike Stock, Vice President of Sales; Kelly Adams, Regional Sales Manager
L to R: Mike Stock, Vice President of Sales; Kelly Adams, Regional Sales Manager

RM Machinery announces the appointment of four new team members—Mike Stock, Kelly Adams, Stephanie Helsel, and Dan Stratz—to assume the roles of vice president of sales, regional sales manager, marketing manager and senior manager–projects respectively. The additions are a testament to RM Machinery’s continued commitment to providing customized solutions to the commercial and package printing industries.

Sales for the northern and central regions of the United States will be handled by Mike Stock, an industry veteran based in Kansas City with a résumé that includes having worked for Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses (MLP) for more than two decades. With a background in mechanical engineering, Stock began his career at MLP as an engineer and eventually worked his way up the ladder to become vice president of sales for the company’s web and sheetfed press lines. His technical background and thorough understanding of the equipment made him the perfect candidate for RMM’s vice president of sales position.

“Having Mike Stock on board is a privilege,” said Rahul Kaushik, owner of RM Machinery. “His expertise with the equipment combined with his sales experience will be extremely beneficial to our customers.”

As regional sales manager, Kelly Adams will lead the team’s customized solutions efforts in the southern and eastern regions of the United States from Merritt Island, Florida. Also a former MLP employee, Adams brings more than 30 years’ experience in the print manufacturing industry to RM Machinery’s table. His existing business relationships will prove invaluable to the team; he has already met with his customers on RMM’s behalf and received warm receptions.

“Kelly is an enthusiastic individual and we are excited to have him join us,” said Lloyd Molloy, director of customer service for RM Machinery. “His time at Mitsubishi will allow him to make the transition to representing RMGT presses practically seamless.”

Like Stock, Adams will be responsible for providing commercial and package printers with solutions from RMGT’s 10-Series line of offset presses, which includes the 1060 tandem perfector and 1060 wide stock press models.

The new marketing manager for RM Machinery is Stephanie Helsel who will help create and coordinate strategic marketing initiatives for the sales team. She will also assist them in their efforts to meet the needs of the company’s growing customer base and help identify new opportunities. Based in the company’s Carneys Point office, Helsel is looking forward to working with the RMM’s entire team and accompanying them on installations.

“With our sales responsibilities expanding throughout the United States, we needed someone with a good work ethic to bring fresh ideas to our marketing agenda,” said Kaushik. “Stephanie was the perfect candidate for the job.”

Stepping into the role of senior manager–projects is industry veteran Dan Stratz who worked for both MLP and its competition. Strategically located in Hanover Park, Illinois, Stratz is prepared to be anywhere anytime and takes a hands-on approach to business. His vast knowledge of the mechanics behind an offset press is treasured by the team at RMM. Stratz tackled two installations simultaneously immediately after his start date.

“Installations are second-nature to Stratz,” said Molloy. “He brings twenty-five years’ experience to RM Machinery and is extremely knowledgeable.”

The integration of the four new members into the RM Machinery family marks more than just an expansion—it's a reinforcement of a powerful legacy. With Mitsubishi Lithographic’s precision engineering at the heart of RMGT presses, RM Machinery is proud to carry this lineage into the future through its experienced team members, who share this core DNA. Now boasting a robust team of 30 across North America, RM Machinery reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in the commercial and package printing industries.

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