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Mitsubishi Diamond 32 MAX+


With its 32-page signature format, the Diamond 32 MAX+ commercial web press is well suited for short- to medium-run book and catalog manufacturing and related markets. The four-around, four-across press offers a maximum web width of 38 inches and an operational design speed up to 2,500 feet per minute.

Like all Diamond MAX web presses, the Diamond 32 MAX+ is characterized by fast makeready, which translates into less materials waste. Further reducing waste is Mitsubishi's superior web tension control, which permits speed adjustments at the infeed, chill roll stand and web path arrangement.


Standard Equipment

Automatic Constant Tension Infeed

  • AC Servo-Motor Controlled
  • Accuracy +/- 1 kg at Constant Press Speed
  • Range: 200 kg (440 lbs.) Maximum
  • Tension and Speed Readouts
  • Variable Speed Driven Roller

Chill Roll Stand

  • Double Wall, Segmented Insert Construction
  • Four (4) 16" (400 mm) Diameter Chrome Plated Rolls Per Web

Printing Unit

  • AC Servo-Motor Driven Fountain Roller with Kick-Back and Press Speed Following
  • All four (4) Vibrator Rollers are Drilled and Tapped for Water Cooling
  • Blanket-to-Blanket, In-Line Arrangement Horizontal Web Travel
  • Cast Side Frames of Rigid Box-Type Construction on Gear Side
  • Contact/No Contact Feature Between Dampener Form Roller and Ink Vibrator by Remote Control at Press Console
  • Continuous Type Inker
  • Cylinder Gears are Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel, Induction Hardened, Rockwell 52-59C
  • Diamatic "F" Type Continuous Dampener with Automatic Press Speed Following
  • Drive Side Cascade Oil Lubrication
  • Four (4) Copper Covered Ink Vibrator Rollers with Fixed Oscillating Stroke [V1, V2, V3 are fixed at 30 mm (1.18")] [V4 is fixed at 15 mm (0.59")]
  • High Precision Pre-Loaded Double Row Tapered Bearings for Plate and Blanket Cylinders
  • Inker Clutch for Silencing Upper or Lower Inkers
  • Inker Gears are Precision Ground, Minimum Hardness Rockwell 20-30C
  • Operational Design Speed of 2,500 FPM
  • Pressurized Oil Lubrication
  • Provisions for Entry Side Mounted Blanket Washers
  • Remote Register Control from Press Console
  • Segmented Ink Fountain/Swing-Away Design
  • Single Quick Clamp Plate Lock-ups with Plate Nipping Roller
  • Solid Steel Blanket Cylinders with Chrome Plated Surface
  • Solid Steel Plate Cylinders with Chrome Plated Surface
  • Three (3) Ink Form Rollers Follow Plate Cocking

Optional Equipment

Chill Roll Stand

  • Chill Roll Cleaner
  • Remoistening Device


  • Auto-Preset Inking System
  • Diagnostic Monitor
  • Job Memory


  • Digest, Delta and Delta/Chop Folds
  • Fully Automatic Folder Changeover
  • Semiautomatic Folder Changeover


  • Remote-Controlled Tension Setting
  • Makeready
  • Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning System
  • CIP-3/CIP-4 Interface Compatible
  • Closed-Loop Color (Auxiliary Equipment) Control Interface Compatible
  • Semiautomatic Plate Changing
  • Web Width Preset System for Slitter, Compensator Roller and Angle Bars

Printing Units

  • Ceramic Transfer Roller for the Dampener (Replaces Chrome Roller)
  • Continuous Inker
  • Dual Mode (ITD/AD) Convertible Dampener
  • Individual Unit Drive System for Plating
  • Ink Fountain Kickback System
  • Oscillating First and Third Ink Form Rollers
  • Remote-Controlled Inker Clutch
  • Rilsan Inker Vibrator Rollers instead of Copper
  • Unit-to-Unit Phase Adjustment
  • Web Catcher


  • Black Tape Detector


Cutoff19.37"; 21.0"; 22.75"; 23.56"
Maximum Web Width38"
Operational Design SpeedUp to 2,500 FPM
Mechanical Design SpeedUp to 2,500 FPM
Standard ConfigurationFour (4) Lithographic Printing Units, One (1) Web Arranged In-Line
Unit TypeBlanket-to-Blanket, 1:1 with Rigid Construction Cylinder Configuration
Plate Cylinder Circumferences38.75", 42.0", 45.5", 47.12"
Paper Basis Weight Range27-90 lbs.
Available FoldersDouble Chopper Folder with Collection
*Tabloid: 2,500 FPM (650 RPM)
*Digest: 1,800 FPM (475 RPM)
*Delta: 1,600 FPM (422 RPM)

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