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Böttcher Systems

Keeping your operation rolling

Graphic rollers are found in every printing process, including sheetfed and web offset. Böttcher produces printing rollers that meet exacting standards and withstand extreme stress and strain under continuous three-shift operations.

Böttcher has the expertise, innovation, and superior service to get – and keep - you rolling. Böttcher provides the perfect synergy for printing blankets, printing rollers, and printing chemicals. Each of these is engineered and designed from the outset to optimize the interplay of components in its specific area of application. Our aim is to achieve the best performance for rollers, blankets, and chemistry - each optimized to give the best solution in support of the printing process as a whole.

Böttcher Roller


A leader in roller technology, Böttcher makes each roller from formulas produced exclusively in Germany, that ensures identical quality and material characteristics wherever the product is used.


Böttcher has developed a diverse program of printing blankets and coating plates designed to achieve a single goal: to perfect the printed image and enhance the user-friendliness of presses.


Böttcher offers a very extensive chemistry line to meet a pressroom’s specific needs with both performance and cost effective alternatives in mind.

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