Commercial Sheetfed Press

RMGT 10 and RMGT 11 Tandem Perfector

RMGT 10 and RMGT 11 Tandem Perfector

Your Operators Will Flip Over This No-Flip Perfecting Press

The revolutionary RMGT Tandem Perfector prints medium and high page counts at speeds rivaling commercial half-web presses with superlative image reproduction. Its exclusive three-cylinder transfer system (called a translink unit) passes backside printed sheets to the front-side units without tumbling the sheets, helping achieve flawless unit-to-unit, side-to-side register and color matching.

Ceramic jackets on all impression cylinders after the translink unit eliminate scratches, dirt and other imperfections in solid print areas. The same leading edge gripper is maintained throughout the run so color matching is more consistent, unit-to-unit and side-to-side. And because the Tandem Perfector does not require as wide a gripper margin as a convertible perfector, it saves one sheet for every 70 sheets run, or 1,428 sheets for a 100,000-sheet run.

  • Available in 28" x 40", 29" x 41" and 32" x 44" models
  • Stock thickness range of 0.002" to 0.024"
  • Speed up to 17,000 sheets per hour
  • Multimode dampening system
  • Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders
  • Single belt-type brushless feeder
  • Optional LED-UV curing unit

RMGT 1020TP 28" x 40"

RMGT 1020TP 28" x 40"

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 29.13" x 40.16" (740 mm x 1,020 mm)
  • Maximum Image Area: 28.74" x 40.16" (730 mm x 1,020 mm)

RMGT 1050TP 29" x 41"

RMGT 1050TP 29" x 41"

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 29.53" x 41.34" (750 mm x 1,050 mm)
  • Maximum Image Area: 29.13" x 41.34" (740 mm x 1,050 mm)

RMGT 1130TP 32" x 44"

RMGT 1130TP 32&qout; x 44&qout;

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 32.28" x 44.49" (820 mm x 1,130 mm)
  • Maximum Image Area: 31.89" x 44.09" (810 mm x 1,120 mm)

Standard Equipment


  • Auto-Preset Inking System (API III)
  • COMRAC (Centralized Operator MakeReady and Control)
  • Feeder and Delivery Presetting System
  • Impression Pressure Presetting System
  • Microprocessor-Based Controls
  • Remote Controlled Running Register (Lateral, Circumferential and Skewing)
  • Touch Screen Display of Printing Parameters, Makeready Settings, Safety and Operations


  • Blowdown Fans
  • Pile Height Control
  • Pile Pallets (2)
  • Sequential Impression On/Off
  • Sheet "Slow Down" Wheels
  • Sheet Counter
  • Static Eliminator
  • Total Revolution Counter


  • Continuous Stream Feeder
  • Double Sheet Detector (Mechanical and UltraSonic)
  • Feeder Board Suction
  • Misregister Detector
  • RMGT Side Guide
  • Overrun Detector
  • Pile Height Control
  • Pile Pallets (2)
  • Side-Lay Detector with Misregister Alarm
  • Static Eliminator

Feeder & Delivery

  • Emergency Impression Off
  • Static Eliminators
  • Tachometer

Printing Unit

  • Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning System
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Automatic Plate Cylinder Positioning System
  • Cam-Closed Grippers
  • Chrome Plated Impression Cylinder (Double Diameter)
  • Complete Spare Set of Covered Rubber Rollers
  • Complete Spare Set of Uncovered Rubber Rollers
  • RMGT 3-Position Dampening System with Preset Speed Curves
  • Perfecting Unit
  • Plasma-Coated Cylinders (Plate and Blanket)
  • Quick Plate Clamp System (w/Stationary Pins)
  • Refrigerated Recirculation to Printing Units
  • Remote Roller Control (Ink/Dampening Form Rolls, Fountain Rollers)

Optional Equipment


  • Dedicated Coating Units including Coater Pump
  • Delivery Extensions
  • IR Dryers with Hot Air Knives
  • Powder Sprayers
  • U.V. Curing Systems


  • Blanket Washing Systems
  • DiamondLink III Press Control System
  • Fully Automatic Plate Changing System with Plate Bender
  • G.M.I. Closed Loop Inking System
  • Impression Cylinder Cleaning Device
  • RMGT Color Control System - High Speed Scanning Spectrophotometer
  • Plate and Blanket Cylinder Bearer Wipers
  • Plate Scanner
  • Semiautomatic Plate Changing System with Plate Bender

Printing Units

  • Additional Dampener Cores
  • Additional Inker Cores
  • Anti-Ghosting Rollers
  • Automatic Descending Delivery Pile
  • Automatic Feeder Gate
  • Automatic Feeder Pile Centering Device
  • Blanket-to-Blanket Backside Printer
  • Brush and Rubber Wheel Positioning on Feed Board
  • Dampener Night Latch
  • Delta Dampening
  • Ink Agitators
  • Ink Roller Stop Oscillation
  • Inker Clutch Remote Control
  • Press Raise (12" or 18")
  • Remote Controlled Front Lay Register
  • Remote Controlled Gripper to Tail Density Control
  • Removable Ink Fountain Trays
  • Sheet Slow Down Device
  • Sheet Trend Monitor
  • Side Guide Positioning
  • Temperature Controlled Ink Oscillating Rollers
  • Vacuum Feed Side Guide
  • Vacuum Feed Tape
  • Variable Ink Ductor Timing Remote Control
Maximum Printing Speed17,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size29.13" x 40.16" (740 mm x 1,020 mm)29.53" x 41.34" (750 mm x 1,050 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size14.17" x 21.26" (360 mm x 540 mm)
Maximum Image Area28.74" x 40.16" (730 mm x 1,020 mm)29.13" x 41.34" (740 mm x 1,050 mm)
Sheet Thickness Range0.002" - 0.024" (0.04 mm - 0.06 mm)
Feeder Stacking Capacity55.51" (1,410 mm)
Delivery Stacking Capacity45.28" (1,150 mm)
Printing Unit ConfigurationsAny combination of front side and reverse side units up to 12 in total

Maximum Printing Speed13,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size32.28" x 44.49" (820 mm x 1,130 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size18.11" x 24.41" (460 mm x 620 mm)
Maximum Image Area31.89" x 44.09" (810 mm x 1,120 mm)
Sheet Thickness Range0.002" - 0.024" (0.04 mm - 0.06 mm)
Feeder Stacking Capacity55.51" (1,410 mm)
Delivery Stacking Capacity45.28" (1,150 mm)
Printing Unit ConfigurationsAny combination of front side and reverse side units up to 12 in total

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. This data was obtained under RMGT's standard test conditions. Results will vary according to the operating conditions.

“The V3000TP excels at producing gang-run commercial printing with the quality of high-end custom jobs. It delivers high-definition custom projects, including medium to large periodicals, magazines, brochures, catalogs and other color-critical, retail-orientated products at gang-run speeds. The Tandem Perfector helps us to be more time consistent and more profitable when margins are already thin for our customers.”

Shannon Smith, Sales Manager
Partner Printing (
Riverside, California

“When it comes to packaging, it’s all about imaging. From a graphic standpoint, we are very fortunate. The 10-color Tandem Perfector is one of the best printing presses I have ever seen. It offers capabilities and printing quality some customers have never been exposed to. The added colors provide greater versatility to grab consumers’ attention. For the majority of packaging jobs, it opens up a whole new aesthetic.”

Ward McLaughlin, President
Boutwell, Owens & Co., Inc.
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

“We needed the capability to print the front and reverse sides of heavy-caliper board in one pass. Being able to print both sides in one pass is obviously much more cost-effective. The pricing advantage is huge. Conventional perfecting presses have a spotty record when it comes to printing packaging board. We also sheet our own stock, which can produce slight variations in sheet size that conventional perfectors tend not to handle well. Between the heavier stock and sheet size variations, the V3000TP Tandem Perfector offered the best advantages in terms of print quality and production efficiency.”

Steve Sifrer, Pressroom Supervisor
Colbert Packaging Corp.
Lake Forest, Illinois