Commercial Sheetfed Press

RMGT 10 Convertible Perfector

RMGT 10 Convertible Perfector

Straight and Perfecting Versatility in a Single Productive Machine

Whether perfected or straight printing, this is probably the most versatile machine on the market. Superb press technology gives your business a big boost with impeccable front-to-back registration, high speed and dependability day after day.

With many operator-friendly features and an array of automation technology, the RMGT 10 series convertible perfector can print exceptional multicolor commercial products at 16,200 sheets per hour. Makeready time is reduced to a few brief minutes thanks to automated plate changing, various preset systems and automatic cleaning.

The three-cylinder sheet-reversing unit delivers smooth sheet transfer with fewer transfer points than other perfecting presses. A double-gripper mechanism ensures precise gripper-to-gripper transfer. Specially designed ceramic jackets mounted on all impression cylinders after the perfecting unit prevent ink buildup and eliminate offset. The optional LED-UV curing unit uses less energy and reduces heat-related shrinkage of printing media.

  • Available in 28" x 40" and 29" x 41" models
  • Stock thickness range of 0.002" to 0.024"
  • Speed up to 17,000 sheets per hour
  • Multimode dampening system
  • Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders
  • Single belt-type brushless feeder
  • Optional LED-UV curing unit

RMGT 1020PF 28" x 40"

RMGT 1020PF 28" x 40"

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 29.13" x 40.16" (740 mm x 1,020 mm)
  • Maximum Image Area:
    • Straight: 28.74" x 40.16" (730 mm x 1,020 mm)
    • Perfecting: 28.35" x 40.16" (720 mm x 1,020 mm)

RMGT 1050PF 29" x 41"

RMGT 1050PF 29" x 41"

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 29.53" x 41.34" (750 mm x 1,050 mm)
  • Maximum Image Area:
    • Straight: 29.13" x 41.34" (740 mm x 1,050 mm)
    • Perfecting: 28.74" x 41.34" (730 mm x 1,050 mm)

Standard Equipment


  • Auto-Preset Inking System (API III)
  • COMRAC - (Centralized Operator MakeReady and Control)
  • Feeder and Delivery Presetting System
  • Impression Pressure Presetting System
  • Microprocessor-Based Controls
  • Remote Controlled Running Register (Lateral, Circumferential and Skewing)
  • Touch Screen Display of Printing Parameters, Makeready Settings, Safety and Operations


  • Blowdown Fans
  • Pile Height Control
  • Pile Pallets (2)
  • Sequential Impression On/Off
  • Sheet "Slow Down" Wheels
  • Sheet Counter
  • Static Eliminator
  • Total Revolution Counter


  • Continuous Stream Feeder
  • Double Sheet Detector (Mechanical and UltraSonic)
  • Feeder Board Suction
  • Misregister Detector
  • RMGT Side Guide
  • Overrun Detector
  • Pile Height Control
  • Pile Pallets (2)
  • Side-Lay Detector with Misregister Alarm
  • Static Eliminator

Feeder & Delivery

  • Emergency Impression Off
  • Static Eliminators
  • Tachometer

Printing Unit

  • Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning System
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Automatic Plate Cylinder Positioning System
  • Cam-Closed Grippers
  • Chrome Plated Impression Cylinder (Double Diameter)
  • Complete Spare Set of Covered Rubber Rollers
  • Complete Spare Set of Uncovered Rubber Rollers
  • RMGT 3-Position Dampening System with Preset Speed Curves
  • Perfecting Unit
  • Plasma-Coated Cylinders (Plate and Blanket)
  • Quick Plate Clamp System (w/Stationary Pins)
  • Refrigerated Recirculation to Printing Units
  • Remote Roller Control (Ink/Dampening Form Rolls, Fountain Rollers)

Optional Equipment


  • Automatic Descending Delivery Pile
  • Dedicated Coating Units including Coater Pump
  • Delivery Extensions
  • IR Dryers with Hot Air Knives
  • Powder Sprayers
  • U.V. Curing Systems


  • Blanket Washing Systems
  • DiamondLink III Press Control System
  • Fully Automatic Plate Changing System with Plate Bender
  • G.M.I. Closed Loop Inking System
  • Impression Cylinder Cleaning Device
  • RMGT Color Control System - High Speed Scanning Spectrophotometer
  • Plate and Blanket Cylinder Bearer Wipers
  • Plate Scanner
  • Semiautomatic Plate Changing System with Plate Bender

Printing Units

  • Additional Dampener Cores
  • Additional Inker Cores
  • Anti-Ghosting Rollers
  • Automatic Descending Delivery Pile
  • Automatic Feeder Gate
  • Automatic Feeder Pile Centering Device
  • Blanket-to-Blanket Backside Printer
  • Brush and Rubber Wheel Positioning on Feed Board
  • Dampener Night Latch
  • Delta Dampening
  • Ink Agitators
  • Ink Roller Stop Oscillation
  • Inker Clutch Remote Control
  • Press Raise (12" or 18")
  • Remote Controlled Front Lay Register
  • Removable Ink Fountain Trays
  • Sheet Slow Down Device
  • Sheet Trend Monitor
  • Side Guide Positioning
  • Temperature Controlled Ink Oscillating Rollers
  • Vacuum Feed Side Guide
  • Vacuum Feed Tape
  • Variable Ink Ductor Timing Remote Control
Maximum Printing Speed17,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size29.13" x 40.16" (740 mm 1,020 mm)29.53" x 41.34" (750 mm x 1,050 mm)
Minimum Sheet SizeStraight: 14.17"x 21.26" (360 mm x 540)
Perfecting: 17.32" x 21.26" (440 mm x 540 mm)
Maximum Image AreaStraight: 28.74" x 40.16" (730 mm x 1,020 mm)
Perfecting: 28.35" x 40.16" (720 mm x 1,020 mm)
Straight: 29.13" x 41.34" (740 mm x 1,050 mm)
Perfecting: 28.74" x 41.34" (730 mm x 1,050 mm)
Sheet Thickness Range0.002" - 0.024" (0.04 mm - 0.06 mm)
Feeder Stacking Capacity43.7" (1,110 mm)
Delivery Stacking Capacity45.28" (1,150 mm)
Printing Unit ConfigurationsUp to 12 in total

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. This data was obtained under RMGT's standard test conditions. Results will vary according to the operating conditions.

“The V3000R perfector has allowed us to compete for bigger commercial printing jobs due to the sheet size and fast makeready speed. Being able to print 16-page signatures in one pass allows us to compete for jobs with larger quantities. We print a lot of two-over-two jobs, too, which also makes this press a huge asset.”

Randy Liedtke, General Manager
Complete Printing & Publishing Inc.
Carthage, Texas

“We compared presses from the major manufacturers, but in the end it was an easy choice. The V3000R is built solidly, and it’s a great value. The V3000R gives us extra capacity we see as essential for our continued growth. The higher level of automation, faster throughput and excellent print quality that the press delivers are also attracting unique jobs from current customers and creating new business opportunities.”

Scott Mossbarger, Vice President of Operations
Foresight Group
Lansing, Michigan

“The V3000R perfector prints solid ink coverage with minimal dot gain and very clear images. The ceramic jackets on the impression cylinders after the perfecting unit and the UV drying on both sides of the sheet eliminate marking issues. Sheets also are dry in the delivery of the press and ready for the bindery. That boosts productivity and cuts turnaround times on short-run and long-run jobs. The benefit is twice the amount of work with the same number of people.”

Danny Wynne, Assistant Production Manager
HOT Graphics & Printing, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee