Catch the excitement of lifelike colors, patterns, and textures as finished labels are pulled from the press. Each of the label presses yield high productivity, low ink cost, short lead times, and high quality finished products.


Solid performance based on time-tested technology, in 1,020 and 1,050 mm formats. Choose from our ST, TP, LX, and PF styles.
RMGT 1020STStraight Press (ST)28″ x 40″
RMGT 1050STStraight Press (ST)29″ x 41″
RMGT 1020LXWide Stock Range Press (LX)28″ x 40″
RMGT 1050LXWide Stock Range Press (LX)29″ x 41″

Miyakoshi MJP13LXV Digital

Miyakoshi MJP13LXV Digital
A full-color inkjet printer for labels, the MJP13LXV offers high printing resolution, best-in-class productivity, and an easy workflow for efficient label production.

Miyakoshi MJP13LXV Digital →

Miyakoshi MLP/MEL

Miyakoshi MLP/MEL
The MLP/MEL are high-speed semi-rotary offset presses, which are ideal for short-run self-adhesive label production. They boast the highest level of print quality due to the wet offset technology and precision components.

Miyakoshi MLP/MEL →

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